Fiber optic coupler for fiber optic cable for top hat rail


The LCN-LLG is a fiber optic coupler of the LCN bus system. It is designed as a double transmitter-receiver module and has connections for the LCN two-wire bus and for the fiber optic cable. Since it does not have its own processor, parameterization by the LCN system software LCN-PRO is not required.

Fields of application:

  • For connecting spatially separated LCN buses within an LCN segment with a range of up to 2 km.
  • The LCN-LLG is used to interconnect individual building areas so that communication between all LCN bus modules in a larger installation is possible.

A direct connection to the data wire of the LCN bus is not possible. This requires an LCN-IS for signal conversion. A maximum of 15 stations such as LCN-IS, LCN-LLK or LCN-LLG are permitted on the two-wire bus. The installation regulations for fiber optic cable must be observed.


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