New: LCN-WSIR water sensor with infrared connection -

New: LCN-WSIR water sensor with infrared connection

New sensor:


Innovative solution for your home – maximum security with the LCN-WSIR water sensor

Water can cause enormous damage to a home if it is not recognised and remedied in time. Fortunately, there is now a reliable solution: the LCN-WSIR water sensor. This innovative sensor, which is connected to the LCN system via infrared signals, offers you maximum security to monitor potential water leaks in your home.

Easy installation and use

The LCN-WSIR is easy to use and does not require complicated installation. Simply place it on the floor in the area to be monitored. Make sure that an infrared receiver such as the LCN-RR, LCN-GUS or LCN-GT6L is in the field of view and that the IR diodes are not covered.

Optimum water outlet monitoring

The LCN-WSIR is specially designed to detect moisture and notify you immediately in the event of problems. On contact with water, the sensor sends infrared signals and triggers the B3Lang button, accompanied by a beep. After five minutes of dryness, B3Los is activated and the sensor is immediately ready for use again. This effective monitoring enables you to quickly recognise and rectify potential problems before they can lead to major damage.

Long-term energy supply

Powered by standard AAA batteries, the sensor only requires a battery change every 10 years. In addition, the LCN-WSIR automatically tests its batteries once a day and reports to the LCN system to ensure that it is always ready for use.


The LCN-WSIR water sensor offers a reliable and effective solution for monitoring water leaks in your home. Thanks to its simple installation, optimum monitoring functions, long-term energy supply and powerful infrared technology, you can protect yourself against unwanted water damage and enjoy the peace of mind that your home is optimally protected.

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