LCN presents the LCN-KUS55 universal plastic sensor -

LCN presents the LCN-KUS55 universal plastic sensor

New sensor:


Plastic universal sensor for the I-connection in System 55

The LCN-KUS55 is a versatile presence detector, infrared, light, humidity and temperature sensor for indoor use. It was specially developed for the I-connection of an LCN bus module.

It impresses with its compatibility with LCN-G55 frames or standard System 55mm frames. With its digital temperature sensor, integrated processor and the use of the LCN-RR IR receiver, this universal sensor sets new standards in building automation.

The precise temperature readings from the LCN-KUS55 are transmitted in real time to the connected LCN module via the I-connection. By integrating the LCN-RR IR receiver, the sensor is able to process signals from LCN remote controls. The light sensor detects the brightness in the room and enables the lighting conditions to be adjusted to save energy. With a measuring range of 1 to 100,000 lux, the integrated light sensor covers a wide range.

The presence/motion detector of the LCN-KUS55 reliably detects movements of people and objects based on their heat radiation. With an adjustable range, it is perfect for controlling lighting and alarm functions in building monitoring. The LCN-KUS55 forwards the recorded measured values to the variables of the connected LCN module, enables the adaptation of controllers and switching thresholds as well as the transfer to variables of other modules.

Fields of application:

  • Sensor for integrated climate and room air control

  • Brightness sensor for constant light control

  • Motion and presence sensor for lighting control

  • IR receiver for LCN system control with an IR hand-held transmitter


  • LCN-KUS55 (55mm x 55mm)

  • Colors:

    • White: LCN-KUS55W

    • Black: LCN-KUS55B

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