Classic gastronomy and modern technology -


Tradition meets innovation, Hanau (Germany)

In the Hannibal in Nidderau, the LCN-GVS is the central element for operation; keypads or switches are not used. The LCN-GVS is not only visualization, but also performs many other tasks, such as timers, calendar functions, management of access data for access control or sending push messages to smartphones in case of unusual or urgent events. As it is based on standard communication via a WLAN network, it can also be accessed via an encrypted Internet connection. Either via the free LCN-GVS app for iOS® or Android®, or even via any web browser. New functions or operating variants can thus be easily implemented via adjustments in the software.

Two features of the Local Control Network are important in the country kitchen in Nidderau. Once the complete control of all inputs and outputs of the bus modules including the current status, not only within a module, but across the entire system. In addition, the convenient and intelligent operation via visualization with the LCN-GVS, which goes far beyond simple switching or dimming. Complex functions can be implemented, macro functions and the distribution of functions over many so-called tableaus, not only simplify the operation for the end user, but also make programming easier for the installer. In Hannibal, the guest sees nothing of all the complex technology. Or, as restaurateur Christian Holle smugly puts it: “Guests only notice the technology when it doesn’t work.

Photography by Carsten Riedel

LCN features

complex lighting controls

Central control and monitoring with LCN visualization GVS