Earthly light for a heavenly theater - The museum of the Neuzelle monastery -


Earthly light for a heavenly theater - The museum of the Neuzelle monastery

Since March 2015, Neuzelle Monastery in Brandenburg has been home to a museum that displays unique works of art from across Europe. In 15 scenes and five stage sets, they illustrate the biblical events of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bohemian artist Joseph Felix Seifrit created these Neuzell Passion depictions on behalf of Abbot Gabriel from 1751. On 18. and In the 19th century, the monumental baroque theater was built in Neuzelle during Passiontide. The heavenly theater is staged with LCN technology. The project has now been awarded the 2017 Lighting Design Prize.

Play of light
In this installation, the LCN system shows its strengths in its ability to realize many lighting scenes in complex operating scenarios with very different operating systems. One example is the main exhibition, where atmospheric lighting is controlled via a glass touch terminal, while functional lighting is controlled via conventional push-buttons. This functional operating level can be locked.
Another possible operating level in the main exhibition would be the use of an LCN-RT infrared hand-held transmitter, with which the guide could call up light scenes. Or a smartphone or tablet computer as an interface to the LCN-GVS visualization system. Thanks to its flexibility and universality, the LCN system remains open for future expansions.

LCN features

Central control of the lighting, including the media systems and showcase lighting

Many light scenes in complex operating scenarios

Operation via LCN-GT push-button sensors

Voltage switching via presence detector