I-port extension for LCN


The LCN-IV is used to operate several sensors on one bus module and to separate them spatially from the module. A remote control receiver, a temperature sensor and a binary sensor can be installed together decentrally on site at the same time. In this way, functional units such as lighting, alarm system and temperature control can be combined per room.

By extending the I-connector, the sensor can be installed remotely from the bus module in the room. In this way, disturbing influences such as drafts, heat radiation or impaired visibility can be avoided. The LCN-IV can be coupled with a second LCN-IV via the screw terminals. The recommended cable is IY(ST)Y 2 x 2 x 0.8 mm Ø, which may be a maximum of 50 m long.

The LCN-IV can alternatively be used as a pulse counting input for fast signals for a maximum of 500 Hz, for example for a wind sensor. As a pulse counter input, it makes its count value available in the module. This can be evaluated via the switching thresholds.

Fields of application:

  • For multiplying connections of the I-port of modules or for extension.
  • As pulse input for counting functions.

The flat conductor is a signal line: it must be routed separately from power lines. Do not tie on 230 V cable harnesses!

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