I-port extension for LCN


The LCN-IVH is used to extend the I-connection out of the distribution. In this way, sensors for the I-connection such as temperature or remote control can be installed decentrally.

Über die Schraubklemmen kann die Verbindung bis zu 50 m mit IY(ST)Y 2 x 2 x 0,8 mm verlängert werden. The LCN-IVH can alternatively be used as a pulse counting input for fast signals up to a maximum of 500 Hz, for example for a wind sensor. As a pulse counter input, it makes its count value available in the module. This can be evaluated via the switching thresholds.

Fields of application:

  • For multiplication or extension of I-connections of modules.
  • As pulse counter input for counting functions.

If the LCN-IVH is used as a pulse sensor, evaluation of other devices on the LCN-IVH is no longer possible. To use the LCN peripherals such as RR, PMI, TS, etc., an LCN-IV is additionally required.

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