I-connection power supply for the flush-mounted box


The LCN-NUI24 is a 24 V power supply unit for the flush-mounted box for supplying power to the LCN-GT(S) pushbuttons operated at the T & I connection. The LCN-NUI24 can be looped into the I-connection line and thus supplies the components at the I- and T-connection with operating voltage.

Fields of application:

  • When using the power supply unit, the key backlighting and especially the Corona® light ring of the LCN-GT(S) pushbutton sensors are available.

The I-connection line can be extended by LCN-IV up to 50 m for all sections together. Recommended wire type is larger than 0.5 mm2 or 0.8 mm ∅. The distance from the LCN-NUI to a maximum of two GT pushbuttons must not exceed 20 m. A maximum of five I-port peripheral devices may be connected.

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