LCN-GG1 at the Red Dot Museum Singapore -

LCN-GG1 at the Red Dot Museum Singapore

Products & Technology:

LCN-GG1 Red Dot award-winning

The Red Dot Design Award is a globally recognized award for exceptional product design. The LCN-GG1 gesture switch has met the strict criteria of the competition and was selected by a top-class jury consisting of renowned design experts. The award recognizes the outstanding design and intuitive user experience of the LCN-GG1 gesture switch.

The LCN-GG1 gesture switch allows users to control their smart building systems using gesture control. Simple hand movements can be used to control functions such as lighting control, blinds control, temperature control and much more. The LCN-GG1’s innovative gesture recognition technology ensures precise and reliable control, while the elegant design fits seamlessly into any modern interior design.

The LCN-GG1 exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore offers visitors the opportunity to experience the award-winning product up close and explore its unique gesture control technology. The museum is known for its collection of outstanding design works and serves as a platform for showcasing innovations from various industries.
With the award and exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, the LCN-GG1 gesture button receives global recognition for its design and features. LCN continues to focus on innovation and design to develop products that meet users’ needs and provide them with a modern and intelligent room control experience.

Red Dot Museum Singapore
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