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Energy efficiency with LCN

In buildings, the use of LCN as intelligent control technology allows energy consumption to be controlled and reduced in a targeted manner.

Winter. Freezing cold. Nevertheless, it is cozily warm in the building. But at what price? Energy costs continue to rise, as fossil fuels will sooner or later become scarce. CO2 emissions should also be kept as low as possible due to global climate change.

So it makes sense to take advantage of the savings potential offered by technology. One component – in addition to good insulation and an economical heating system – is the use of LCN for heating and climate control.

Ideally, the LCN system takes over the control of heating and air conditioning components for the entire building. This is because all components must be coordinated with each other for optimum utilization of the given resources. If, for example, the windows are not integrated into this control loop, an open window would cause the heating system to deliver more power than is actually needed. One solution to this is the use of window contacts. The control system can react to an open window and reduce the heating output accordingly.
This is just one example of the possibilities offered by using the LCN system.

A good indoor climate consists of more than just a cool room or building. Above all, the quality of the air is also important. By using the LCN-CO2 sensor, windows can be opened automatically to supply fresh air to the room. You will they are less tired, are more concentrated will simply feel comfortable.
The automation of the blinds also ensures a pleasant climate. By avoiding direct sunlight, the room temperature does not rise as much and the air conditioning running time is reduced. This saves electricity and reduces the CO2 fingerprint of the building.

Light intensity that is precisely adapted to the current lighting situation helps to keep the cost of electricity low. n most cases, it should not be necessary to always run the lighting at maximum power. By using brightness sensors, LCN can control the lighting intensity so that there is enough light, but rooms are also not unnecessarily brightly lit.

Energy consumption and generation always in view: by networking the intelligent electricity meters with the LCN-GVS (global building visualization) it is possible to display the current values directly. The interface here is provided by the LCN-BU4L. his module makes it possible to evaluate values from electricity meters and feed them into the LCN bus. The electricity generated by photovoltaic systems can also be conveniently displayed via the LCN-GVS. All this even when you are not even in the house: via the LCN-GVS app. The app is available in Apple’s App Store and in Google’s Play Store.

Large consumers
Who does not know them? The question when leaving the house, whether the iron, stove or TV are still switched on. LCN can help answer this question with a clear “No!”. If you leave the house and lock the door, LCN can automatically switch off the relevant circuits. This leads to lower power consumption, more security and a good feeling when you are away.

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