Triple binary sensor with integrated power supply for flush mounting


The LCN-B3IN evaluates up to three potential-free permanent contacts. It provides an internal interrogation voltage for this purpose. It also provides a power supply of 5 V and 12 V for the external sensors. These can be light barriers, Hall sensors in roller shutter drives or the evaluation electronics of block locks. It has its own processor and sends its information to the I-port of an LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS, LCN-UP24, LCN-SH, LCN-SHS, LCN-HU or LCN-SHU module.

Each binary input sends the LANG command when actuated and the LOS command when interrupted. An LCN module with binary sensor automatically sends status messages without these having to be parameterized in the LCN module

Fields of application:

  • Zum Einbinden von bis zu drei potentialfreie Dauerkontakten in das LCN-System ein.

The terminal labeled ⊥ carries N potential. Only potential-free contacts may be connected. Note contact material due to low sensing current! The signal line must be isolated from the environment.

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