Binary quadruple current sensor for top-hat rail


The LCN-BS4 is a 4-channel binary current sensor for the LCN system. Inputs 1 to 4 can be used for motor positioning of up to four AC drives with limit switches. It continues to be used to monitor consumers. With its help, for example, lamps or pumps can be monitored for failure and reported for maintenance work.

In conjunction with an LCN-R6H relay module, motor drives of windows, roller shutters, venetian blinds or awnings can be positioned with up to 0.5% accuracy. This is used for controlled room ventilation, shading and shutter control. The module independently compensates for runtime differences of different drives and aging phenomena.

With its connecting cable, the LCN-BS4 is connected to the P-connector of one of the intelligent modules, for example LCN-HU or LCN-SH. When the limit current is exceeded, the LONG command is triggered once, and when it is undershot, the RELEASE command is triggered once. An LCN module with binary sensor automatically sends status messages without having to parameterize them in the LCN module.

Fields of application:

  • For monitoring drives and consumers for damage or for control.

Only loads with a minimum current of 120 mA can be monitored. Smaller motor drives may fall below this limit in one direction of travel. When positioning the motor, use AC motors with built-in limit switches.

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