Pushbutton converter for GIRA PLC pushbutton for flush-mounted box


The LCN-TL6 is a button converter for GIRA PLC buttons. It is intended for use with the LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS, LCN-UMR or LCN-UPU modules.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-TL6 can be used to evaluate a 1- or 3-gang GIRA pushbutton (1-gang order no. 2001… or 3-gang 2003…). The keys of table A, short, long, lot are executed.
    The 6 status LEDs are controlled individually via the T-connector and configured via LCN-PRO (on, off, flashing, flickering). An external power supply unit is required to operate the key backlight (LCN-NUI, not included).

The LCN-TL6 is automatically detected by modules with firmware 1B07 (July 2017) or higher. Older modules from firmware 1706… do not know the LCN-TL6. With a trick, they can still be used if the setting “GT6 with Corona” is selected manually on the T-port. The brightness and key backlighting is controlled with the “GT-Brightness” command.

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