KNX button adapter for the flush-mounted box


The LCN-TXR couples to the KNX bus for the connection of KNX pushbuttons. It contains a KNX power supply and a USB interface for direct connection of the ETS.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-TXR can simultaneously convert up to two KNX pushbuttons to LCN. It supports not only the keys themselves, but also the indicator LEDs, readings and displays. As is usual with LCN, each individual key can be assigned three commands. The module has an I-port for an LCN bus module, e.g. LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS, etc.

To use the LCN-TXR as a KNX programming adapter, the configuration of the ETS must be adapted so that the ETS recognizes the LCN-TXR as an interface. The corresponding configuration program can be found here.

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