Four-button/binary sensor with alarm sensor and S0 interface for top-hat rail


The LCN-BU4L is optionally a quadruple key converter or binary sensor for potential-free contacts with extra-low voltage at max. 24 V~ oder 24 V=. As S0 interface corresponding counters can be evaluated. The alarm sensor function enables the evaluation of reed contacts with integrated resistor. The connection is made via the I-port of any LCN bus module from the 17 firmware from 2013.

The four inputs of the LCN-BU4L evaluate signals against ground as blue input terminal. The inputs are galvanically isolated from the I-connection. By means of a DIP switch, the LCN-BU4L can be switched over so that it operates as a key converter or as a binary sensor. S0 counter and alarm sensor modes are set by LCN-PRO. In the function as key translator the commands SHORT, LONG and LOS are triggered in the A table. In its function as a binary sensor, the LCN-BU4L triggers LONG and RELEASE of the B table in the LCN-PRO for keys 1 to 4 or 5 to 8 and sends the corresponding status message.

Fields of application:

  • In the function as key converter, conventional keys can be evaluated. For example, timer contacts, window contacts or other permanent contacts can be evaluated as binary sensors.

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