Capacitive four-key sensor including four sensor surfaces


The LCN-TU4C capacitive key sensor opens up completely new possibilities for implementing invisible keys. It enables up to four sensor surfaces to be scanned capacitively. Each of the four buttons consists of a surface that can be glued behind wood, natural stone or tile. The sensor keys are operated by simply touching the surface.

The LCN-TU4C converts capacitive sensors to the I-port of the LCN modules. The sensor surfaces are self-adhesive and can be attached behind any electrically non-conductive materials. This opens up new design possibilities for noble wall coverings and for furnishings or kitchen furniture. If, for example, a cabinet covers a switch panel, the touch surface can now be easily glued into the cabinet.

The LCN-TU4C is intended for use with the LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS or LCN-UP24 module, but can also be used on the LCN-HU, LCN-SH or LCN-SHS. Of course, all LCN functions are available with three commands for each key SHORT, LONG and LOS.

Fields of application:

  • For integrating four capacitive sensor keys into the LCN bus.

The speed of actuation has an influence on the detection: Behind very thick or strongly damping materials such as not quite dry wood, maximum sensitivity is achieved by pressing the button quickly.

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