Analog output module 0-10 V with switching contact


The LCN-AO1R is used to control dimmable ballasts (ECGs) with a 0-10 V control voltage. It converts the dimmed phase of an LCN-UPP directly into an analog 0-10 V control signal. In addition, it offers an integrated 230 V relay that switches on whenever the 0-10 V output is not zero. In addition, the LCN-AO1R can also be used to control other 0-10V devices such as frequency converters, actuators for ventilation dampers or even heating valve drives.

Fields of application:

  • For controlling 0-10 V devices from the LCN bus such as electronic ballasts or ventilation dampers.

The LCN-AO1R only works in connection with an LCN-UPP. It cannot be used on the LCN-SH and LCN-HU.

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