Relay module with six outputs for the DIN rail


The LCN relay block is used to control up to 6 independent circuits/consumers or up to 3 motor drives to be controlled independently. Mixed operation is possible.
The potential-free 16A changeover contacts are individually led out and optimized for high inrush currents.

Fields of application:

  • Expanding the LCN bus with additional switching relays for drives or consumers with high power.

The relay contacts of the LCN-R6H are optimized for high inrush currents (contact material AgSnO2). They need a minimum load of at least 20 V or 100 mA so that no oxide layers and thus contact faults occur. When planning the contact loads, the inrush and reactive currents must be taken into account! Relays with gold contacts are optionally available for use in media technology.

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