DMX 512A Master/Slave Controller


The DMX controller LCN-DMXH controls 4 DMX channels, e.g. RGBW ballasts. It is mounted on the DIN rail and can be operated with LCN modules from firmware 1702… (Feb. 2013).

Fields of application:

The LCN module supplies the LCN-DMXH with the brightness values of its 4 electronic outputs via the I-connection. The LCN-DMXH converts these values to the corresponding freely configurable DMX channels. Thanks to its DMX input, the LCN-DMXH can be looped into an existing DMX line. It will then use its 4 dimming values at 4 (adjustable) DMX addresses. In this way it is also possible to connect several LCN-DMXH in series to control 8, 12, … channels.

Hardware equipment:


I connection line


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