Relay module with four outputs for two motors each


The LCN-R4M2H is a relay block of the LCN bus system for controlling up to eight 230 V motors (four times two motors). Two motors are controlled in parallel. The preferred areas of application are blackout or sun protection systems. The LCN-BS4 binary sensors can be operated simultaneously with the LCN-R4M2H so that position control is also possible. The contacts are pre-wired and connected to terminals in such a way that 230 V motors can be connected particularly easily. Four motors can be controlled individually.

The LCN-R4M2H is connected to intelligent LCN bus modules such as LCN-SH, LCN-SHS, LCN-HU or LCN-SHU.

Fields of application:

  • Control of up to eight motors, preferably for blackout and sun protection systems.

The relay contacts of the LCN-R4M2H (contact material AgNi 90/10) require only a small minimum load to prevent contact faults. However, they are not as resilient to peak currents as those of the LCN-R6H. When planning the contact loads, the inrush and reactive currents must be taken into account!

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