Heating actuator with four outputs of 100mA each for top-hat rail


The LCN-A4H is an actuator with four outputs for controlling 230 V actuators, e.g. LCN-AVN. The outputs are designed as semiconductor switches that switch in zero crossing. The LCN-A4H switches without noise or wear. It is mounted on the top-hat rail and plugged onto the P-connector of an intelligent bus module such as LCN-SHS, -SH, -SHU, -SHD or with an approx. 25 cm long ribbon cable. With a second LCN-A4H, expansion to a total of eight outputs is possible. The second LCN-A4H is plugged onto the still free P-connector socket of the first one. A combination of one LCN-A4H and one or two LCN-R2H is also possible. All four outputs can be controlled individually via relay commands.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN heating actuator with four outputs is used to control 230V actuators.

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