DALI output for the top-hat rail


The LCN-DIH operates a complete DALI line with up to 64 luminaires from the Local Control Network (LCN). It assigns and manages DALI short addresses, and also provides power to the DALI interfaces in the luminaires. The LCN-DIH is mounted on a top-hat rail and combined with LCN modules such as ideally the LCH-SHS via the I-connector. It supports not only the control of standard DALI luminaires, but also of Tunable White- or RGB-capable luminaires according to DALI standard IEC 62386-209 (DALI Type 8).

Fields of application:

Control is convenient with LCN commands, with the LCN module directly transmitting the brightness values of its four electronic outputs and the status of the eight relays to DALI groups. In this way, the LCN-DIH controls a total of twelve DALI groups with all LCN functions, such as 100 scene memories, ramp functions and complex logical and arithmetic links.. Direct control with DALI commands addresses all 64 individual addresses and 16 DALI groups.

Hardware equipment:


I connection line


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