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Easy to use and highly functional – the LCN-PRO6

In electrical installation, bus systems are characterized by a special feature: after the actual installation, parameterization is required to put the system into operation. Parameterization thus becomes an important factor in the calculation. Especially with such a comprehensive installation bus as LCN, it is therefore important that this work can be done quickly, easily and efficiently. The tool for this is called LCN-PRO. The software, colloquially known simply as “PRO”, is offered almost free of charge by ISSENDORFF KG to make it easier for installers to get started with LCN, also financially. The updates are also free of charge.
The PRO is highly optimized: with an installation size of just over six megabytes, it offers hundreds of functions. It supports all LCN modules since 1996 and helps the installer by automatically offering the respective possible functions of all module versions. This allows the electrician to work quickly and easily.

Efficient parameterization thanks to integrated LCN-LCL programming language
The parameterization software LCN-PRO6 presents itself even more efficient and comfortable with the latest version. For the first time, the current parameterization software for the LCN installation bus offers the operator the innovative, practical LCN-LCL programming language for fully automatic parameterization of large systems. It thus offers time- and cost-efficient work, not only for larger building complexes with regular structures.
Even today, the response times when setting up an LCN system are impressively short: most parameterizations require less than one second – time is money. At the same time, some activities occur frequently. For example, almost every room has pushbuttons that control light and perhaps shading.
This is where the new programming language LCL comes in: For recurring tasks, the installer can quickly write a small program that does the work for him. For this purpose, LCN-Pro has a built-in editor that even supports syntax highlighting: Keywords are highlighted in color to make the program easier to read.
Like the “big” programming languages, LCL has helpers that assist the installer in troubleshooting. For example, LCL reports an error if a variable is used before it has been assigned a value. The editor also helps here, not least by providing online help: the installer simply places the cursor over a keyword. The free update of LCN-PRO comes with LCL sample programs that simplify the entry into this new world of electrical installation.


Programming basics LCN-PRO


The latest version of the LCN-PRO

We have the latest version of LCN-Pro for you to download.

LCN-PRO version 6.9.5 (06.12.2022) Download

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