Quad pushbutton/binary sensor for top-hat rail


The LCN-BT4H is optionally suitable for use as a quadruple binary sensor or as a key converter for mains voltage with 230 V~. The connection is made via the I-port of any LCN bus module from the 17 firmware from 2013. The four inputs of the LCN-BT4H evaluate signals of any phase position against N. The inputs are galvanically isolated from the I-connection. As key converter the commands SHORT, LONG and RELEASE are triggered in the A-table, as binary sensor the commands LONG and RELEASE in the B-table of the LCN-PRO. By means of a DIP switch, the LCN-BT4H can be switched over so that it operates as a key converter or as a binary sensor

Fields of application:

  • In the function as key converter, conventional keys can be evaluated. As a binary sensor, for example, timer contacts or any other permanent contacts can be evaluated.

The flat ribbon cable is a signal line. It must be routed separately from mains cables and must not be tied to 230 V cable harnesses!

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