Dual relay for the flush-mounting box


The LCN-R2U is a dual cut-off relay for the flush-mounted box, for connection to the outputs of the LCN-UPP module. The LCN-R2U is designed with two individually controllable potential-free 8 A NO contacts. It is particularly suitable for the control of shutter and blind motors. The excitation voltage is 230 V~. Internally, the LCN-R2U operates with DC voltage, so that humming noises are excluded.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-R2U relay module provides the user with two additional switching contacts.

The relay contacts of the LCN-R2U are optimized for high inrush currents (contact material AgSnO2). They require a minimum load of at least 12 V or 100 mA to prevent oxide layers and thus contact faults.

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