Dual analog/digital converter for top-hat rai


The LCN-AD2 is a double analog/digital converter with 12 bit resolution for the I-port. The LCN-AD2 is used to detect signals for which there are no special LCN sensors. Examples are sensors for very high temperatures, hygrometers, etc. The LCN-AD2 can be used universally, as its inputs can be set via LCN-PRO software to: voltage: 0-10 V, or current: 0/4-20 mA. The measured values of the LCN-AD2 are entered in the module in variables 11 and 12. They act either on the thresholds or on the controllers. Can be used for all LCN modules from version 170206.

Fields of application:

  • For integration of sensors not available in the LCN portfolio.

The LCN-AD2 is connected to the I-port of an LCN module. This line can be extended with two LCN-IV. Up to two LCN-AD2 can be operated simultaneously on one intelligent LCN module.


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