Carbon dioxide sensor (CO2) for the I-connection


The LCN-CO2 measures the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the air inside buildings with a measuring range from 1 to 5000 ppm. This enables energy-efficient control of the ventilation and air conditioning system and thus allows fresh air to be supplied as required. Das LCN-CO2 trägt somit aktiv zu einer gesunden Raumluftqualität bei. The robust and compact sensor uses an infrared-based spectroscopic measurement method to measure the CO2 content in the air. It reacts to even the smallest changes in the composition of the air. The LCN-CO2 can be combined with any periphery on the I-port of all intelligent LCN modules.

The LCN-CO2 can act on the controllers, as well as on the switching thresholds. The measured values can be exchanged between LCN modules and used for arithmetic operations. The LCN-CO2 is suitable for connection to the I-port of LCN-UPx, SH, -SHS, -LD and -HU from serial number 120C05 (Dec. 2008).

Fields of application:

  • For measuring the CO2 content in the room air for demand-based ventilation and climate control.


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