Fingerprint sensor in GT design


The LCN-GFPS is a fingerprint sensor for surface mounting in the design of the LCN-GT series. It is mounted on a flush-mounted box using the supplied mounting frame and firmly anchored with a slider. The LCN-GFPS is part of a “large” access control system with centralized management of biometric data by the LCN-GVS visualization. Once a finger has been taught in, it is automatically distributed to the stations where the user has authorizations. The removal of a user is also performed centrally via the LCN-GVS. Life detection increases the tamper protection of the sensor.

In addition to access control, the LCN-GFPS is also suitable for all other tasks in the bus: it can send out any control telegrams. The LCN-GFPS is compatible with all LCN access control systems (LCN-RT) and can be used in combination with these systems.

Fields of application:

  • For access control based on biometric data.

Only plug in without voltage! The connection cable to the LCN bus module can optionally be extended up to 20 m with LCN-IV. For large systems with many subscribers, we recommend using a separate module to operate the LCN-GFPS so that sufficient transmission bandwidth is available for the periphery when synchronizing biometric data.


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