Passive infrared presence and motion detector for LCN


The LCN-PMI is an indoor presence and motion detector for connection to intelligent LCN modules. The sensor works according to the PIR principle (passive infrared). The change in thermal radiation of a body is recorded. It is used for switching on lights in hallways, offices or WCs. Furthermore, it can take over alarm functions in building monitoring.

The presence/motion detector triggers the LANG command once as soon as it detects motion. If the object was only detected in the detection range for up to two seconds, the LOS command is executed after four seconds. If the object is registered for a longer time, the LOS command occurs eight seconds after the last movement.

The LCN-PMI automatically sends status messages even without parameterization.

Fields of application:

  • For switching lighting and other loads when motion and presence are detected.

If several LCN-PMI are operated on one module, each motion detector must act on a different button. The DIP switch can be used to set the key. Mixed operation with LCN-GUS and LCN-GBL is also possible. The installation location has a decisive influence on the sensitivity: install the sensor so that warm body parts such as the face are detected. The main direction of movement should be perpendicular to the sensor! Therefore, for ceiling mounting, it is usually better to mount the sensor on the side and not in the center.


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