Temperature sensor


The LCN-TS is a particularly small, high-precision, digital temperature sensor. With its own processor, it determines measured values almost without noise and sends them via the I-port to the connected LCN module. The LCN-TS can be operated in parallel with any other module on the I-port of all intelligent LCN modules. The modules enable two continuous control loops plus switching thresholds, which can also be used for closed-loop control. Measured values can be exchanged between LCN modules during operation and differential values can be calculated.

Can be used for all LCN modules from version 090201.

Fields of application:

  • Used to measure the room temperature. By linking with other sensors on the LCN bus, among other things, energy-saving and user-friendly individual room, heating and air conditioning control can be realized, including control of the ventilation system.

The installation location and the installation position have an influence on the measured value recording: Air currents, installation height and heat sources such as illumination by luminaires must be taken into account. The connection cable to the LCN module can optionally be extended up to 50 m with LCN-IV.


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