Temperature sensor for immersion sleeve mounting


As a high-precision, digital temperature sensor, the LCN-TST can be inserted into any 6mm immersion sleeve commonly used in heating and air conditioning construction. With its high accuracy, the temperature meter is a better alternative to the PT100/PT1000 sensor and can also be used outdoors with additional housing.

Other advantages:

  • Very low thermal mass = very fast response behavior
  • no falsification of measured values when extending the connecting cable (I-connection, max. 50m)
  • Can be combined with LCN-TST, LCN-TS or other LCN-TSAs

The installation location and the installation position have an influence on the measured value recording: air flows, installation height and heat sources must be taken into account. The connection cable to the LCN module can optionally be extended up to 50 m with LCN-IV.


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