Water alarm sensor with infrared connection


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The LCN-WSIR is a water sensor that is coupled to the LCN system by means of an infrared signal. If moisture forms on its underside, it triggers a button in the LCN module. It is therefore ideal for monitoring water leaks in washing machines or dishwashers, for example.

It is powered by replaceable batteries.

The LCN-WSIR is simply placed on the floor in the area to be monitored, making sure that an infrared receiver (e.g. LCN-RR, LCN-GUS) is within sight and that the IR diodes (see marking on the housing) are not covered.

It triggers buttons in the B table for all modules that can be reached with infrared reception. If it detects moisture, it triggers the B3 Long button in these modules. It also emits several beeps. When it is dry again for 5 minutes, B3 Go is triggered and the detector is ready for use again.

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