Glass universal sensor for temperature, brightness, humidity, motion and IR reception


The LCN-GUS is a universal sensor for temperature, brightness, humidity, motion and IR reception in the design of the LCN-GT series. In conjunction with the integrated processor, the digital temperature sensor provides highly precise, virtually noise-free measured values and transmits them to the connected LCN module via the I-connector. By integrating the LCN-RR IR receiver, the LCN-GUS can process the signals from the LCN remote controls. The light sensor is used to detect the brightness in rooms. The measured value can be used for constant light control to achieve optimum lighting conditions while saving energy. The integrated light sensor covers a very wide measuring range from 1 to 100,000 lux.

The presence/motion detector detects the movement of persons and objects by their thermal radiation. It offers an adjustable range. It can thus be used universally for switching lighting and for alarm functions in building monitoring. The LCN-GUS supplies its four measured values to the variables of the connected LCN module. There they can act on the controllers and switching thresholds, as well as be transferred to the variables of other modules.

The LCN-GUS is suitable for connection to the I-port of LCN-UPx, -SH, -SHS, -LD and -HU from serial number 1702… (Feb. 2013).

Fields of application:

  • As a sensor for integrated climate and room air control depending on temperature and room humidity.
  • As a brightness sensor for constant light controls.
  • As a motion and presence sensor for the control of lighting depending on presence.
  • As an IR receiver for controlling the LCN system with a handheld IR transmitter.



Size: 60 x 60 mm
Color: white = LCN-GUSW
Color: champagne = LCN-GUSC


Size: 90 x 90 mm
Color: white = LCN-GUS68W
Color: champagne = LCN-GUS68C

The installation location and the installation position have an influence on the measured value recording: Installation height and variable heat sources must be taken into account. For optimum detection sensitivity, it is recommended to mount the LCN-GUS under the ceiling.

The connection cable to the LCN module can optionally be extended up to 50 m with an LCN-IV.


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